Our Visiting Library Service provides free home delivery of library materials and resources to homebound seniors or Elders who are matched with trained volunteers. Volunteers, acting as library ambassadors, provide personal phone calls and connections to homebound patrons to discuss, search, reserve and then deliver library materials and resources. This service adheres to Covid-19 health and safety guidelines.

Contact 604-892-3110 or visitinglibrary@squamish.ca with any questions about the service.

*PLEASE NOTE: The Visiting Library Service is not currently accepting new applications for volunteers or patrons. We will respond to any forms submitted or inquiries directed to the visiting library e-mail address beginning again in mid-August. Thank you for your interest!


If you are a senior or Elder in Squamish who would benefit from home delivery of library materials, please complete our Visiting Library Service Patron Registration Form below. If you aren’t able to apply on the computer, you can call the library (604-892-3110) to register over the phone or request a paper form.


If you are interested in volunteering for our Visiting Library Service, please review the Volunteer Position Description, and complete the Volunteer Application below.

Read the Volunteer Position Description here.

Please note: we are not accepting volunteer applications at this time. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about our next round of volunteer recruitment!