By typing my name above, I understand that I will receive about two calls a month from a volunteer, one to discuss loans, requests, and renewals and another call to schedule the drop-off and pick-up of materials to be returned.

I am responsible for the materials signed out on my account and agree that the volunteer may access my account for the purpose of searching, placing holds, and renewing materials on my behalf.

I agree to share my phone number, address, email, and library account information, with a trained Visiting Library Service volunteer. I agree to allow the volunteer to undertake catalogue searches and place holds on my behalf, as well as deliver library materials to me at home. I agree to allow the volunteer to see my "borrowing history," if it has previously been enabled, or to enable online “borrowing history” on my account to facilitate in delivering new library materials to me. Volunteers are trained and have signed confdential policy and privacy documentation.