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Squamish History Archives

The Squamish Public Library manages a digital collection of thousands of historical photographs, newspapers (1948-2001), documents, and audio recordings.

We have migrated all the existing digital historical records from two databases to a single database: BiblioBoard.

Access the Squamish History Archives here.

If you want a high resolution copy of any of the photos in the archive, please email Please note we charge $15 per requested image. We ask that you credit Squamish Public Library Archives in your use of each image.

Curated Booklists

First Nation Legends and Stories

First and second-hand accounts of legends and stories of the Squamish Nation, including the Creation Story of the Squamish People, the meanings of many Squamish place-names, the stories and importance behind traditional foods, and conversations and stories from Squamish Chiefs and other community members.

Squamish Nation Resources

Resources, history, and interviews related to the Squamish Nation and its members, customs, traditions, and history.

Squamish and Settler History

History of colonization of Squamish by Europeans, early Squamish settlers and their lives, and the various people groups which came to Squamish after initial European contact.

External Local History Sites