A celebration of the art and life of Alain gorgien

‘Steward of the Forest’ – painted wood, clay & mixed media sculptures
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 19, 12 – 2 pm

As 2022 draws to a close in less than two months, a spotlight will be focused on the artistic works, accomplishments, community impacts, and interests of Alain Gorgien, beloved long-time Squamish resident who passed away suddenly last January. 
The Opening Reception will be held on November 19th (Alain’s Birthday) from 12-2pm at the Foyer Gallery. Friends, family, and the community are invited to gather together and witness what Alain was creating at his forest home in Paradise Valley for over 30 years, while snuggled up with his wood stove, baking, planting, tending, creating, painting, sculpting clay, slicing metal plates, setting gemstones in copper and writing love notes… 

Remembering – Seven Wooden Storytelling Chairs

These Storytelling Chairs sit at the heart of the COVID in the House of Old exhibit, speaking to seven lives indelibly altered by the pandemic’s spread through long-term care. Each individual, represented by a chair, stands in place for hundreds or thousands of Canadians who faced similar circumstances.

The chairs’ audios were culled from a series of interviews conducted over the fall of 2021. Daughters, sons, and grandchildren told tales of devastating loss. Survivor residents spoke of painful separation. Workers described confusion, exhaustion and terrible stress.
Yet, the people profiled here are much more than casualties of history. Their stories are also about aspiration, accomplishment, enthusiasms, good times, bravery and deep personal connection. A representational object is mounted on the back of each chair, while paper “Valentine” acknowledgements, lovingly created by family, friends and project researchers, rest on each seat.

For more details about the project, visit covidinthehouseofold.ca