Rotters, Losers, Creeps & Thieves: Making bad guys goooooood – Writing Workshop with Katherine Fawcett

Creating multi-layered antagonists in fiction requires a deft touch. Stakes are raised when a reader identifies with — and maybe falls a little bit in love with — the “baddie” in a novel or story. How does a writer build a sense of empathy towards their villain?

Join award-winning author Katherine Fawcett for a 1.5-hour workshop and discussion on the craft of writing, and specifically on building empathy for the jerks in your stories. Be prepared for some inventive creative writing exercises to get the juices flowing.

This class is for anyone looking for a little inspiration and direction in their writing, from beginners and dabblers to seasoned authors with a work-in-progress (or two) under their wing. Protagonists and antagonists welcome!

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Free and online.

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