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Supply Chain’s impact on everyday life
Dr. Halia Valladares Montemayor
About the talk:
Supply Chains are normally seamless for the end consumer. In the era of the digital economy, consumers buy products online though e-commerce and expect the product to arrive to their home at a certain time. In other cases, consumers buy the products in the retail stores, but seldomly ask themselves how the products got there or how long it took, or don’t understand why certain the products, all of the sudden are out of stock or way more expensive. In basic economics, is all about supply and demand. Due to covid, the demand for certain products increased, for example: toilet paper, hand sanitizers, masks, etc. Those products immediately got more expensive for the end consumer. Why? One reason is due to an increase in demand. However, it is also a matter of an increase in the cost in the supply chain. At the end of this talk, you will be able to list the main countries and ports that participate in global supply chain. You will be able to understand why some products have become more expensive or are and will be out of stock for the Christmas season. You will learn how to prepare yourself to don’t have a big impact in your household Bottomline.
Join us for our virtual Quest Lecture Series, presented by Squamish Public Library, Whistler Public Library, Pemberton & District Public Library.

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This event is running from 12 October 2021 until 10 May 2022. It is next occurring on October 12, 2021 7:00 pm

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