Community Room Door

Aox Tanoyop Tse-Tsob

pronounced Ay yuk ta Noyup Tsce Tsob

Elders of the Skomish Nation gave permission to use these Skomish words to name the BC Hydro Community Meeting Room.  The phrase conveys a meaning of all the people working together. Our thanks to the Skomish Nation.

About the room

  • seating for about 50
  • small kitchen area (sink, dishes, coffee maker and kettle)
  • audio-visual system (projector, screen and microphone)

Renting the room

To inquire about room booking availability and rental rates please call the library at 604-892-3110.

To book the meeting room, download and complete the application form and e-mail it to

The meeting room booking request is a tentative booking until a deposit is paid and the Certificate of Insurance* received.

*Insurance can be purchased through  On this site the customer enters in the details of their event, a quote comes up, then the customer accepts and pays. The insurance certificate is automatically sent to the District of Squamish.