What is a print disability?

A print disability can be a:

  • Learning disability: An impairment relating to comprehension
  • Physical disability: The inability to hold or manipulate a book
  • Visual disability: Severe or total impairment of sight or the inability to focus or move one’s eyes

The National Network of Equitable Library Service

If you have a print disability, you qualify to register as a print disabled library member which allows you to access resources from NNELS.

NNELS is a repository of content owned and sustained by Canadian public libraries, working with international partners, libraries, readers, and publishers (particularly Canadian ones) to make copies of books in accessible formats available to readers in Canada who have print disabilities.

For more information about the service and how to get books, visit the NNELS website.
To sign up for NNELS please contact the library to register as a print disabled member, and then visit the NNELS sign-up page.

Other Accessible Resources